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Treatment for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome in Denver/Littleton Area

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome is a disorder where the largest nerve in the foot, the Posterior Tibial Nerve, is impaired. This nerve travels from the back of the calf to the inside of the foot under the ankle joint. There is a tunnel created from the heel bone and reinforced with a fibrous band. The reason this is a syndrome is due to the numerous conditions which creates it. In many cases, scar tissue forms from either repetitive trauma or a severe instance of trauma.

This scar tissue builds up over time and squeezes the nerve. This specific condition left untreated decreases the strength and size of the muscles within the foot. The reason is the lack of stimulation from the nerve which leads to atrophy of the muscles. The nerve’s ability to carry impulses to the muscles is hindered from the scar tissue. An example is the affect achieved when squeezing a water hose.

The main symptoms include cramping, burning, tingling, numbness, and sharp pain. Tapping on the inside of the ankle where the nerve is located should elicit these symptoms. Varicose veins, due to their size may push up against the nerve creating irritation. These varicosities are generally deep to the skin and are not visible. Other conditions which can create this syndrome include previous ankle and/or foot fractures, Diabetes, Rheumatoid nodules, flatfeet, alcoholism, tendonitis, ganglions, and bone spurs. This disorder may require an MRI, electromyogram, or a nerve conduction test for its diagnosis. However, these tests may still not provide a definitive diagnosis. Other diagnostic/therapeutic measures may assist in its diagnosis.

Treatment includes orthotics, treating the underlying disorder, anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone injections, physical therapy, and surgery.

Suffering from Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome?

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